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Snake's story begins with his father, the Legendary Warrior, Jack. He had fought in many wars in the world and had always been helpful among his kin. However, Jack had wanted to retire from fighting, wanting to finally settle with his beloved.

However, the High Council feared this, knowing that if Jack retired, they would surely lose any coming battles. They realized they needed insurance to keep him fighting, to keep their army strong, to keep morale high.

Jack's lover, Eva, had laid two eggs while Jack was traveling with his squadron. When he returned, however, he found his home laid to waste, Eva and the eggs were gone. Devastated, Jack began to tirelessly search for his family, yet found nothing.

A few days later he received a parchment from an unknown sender; they claimed to have Eva and his children hostage, and should he want to see them again (alive), he would continue to serve as a soldier and officer in the military, training the younger troops for battle. Outraged, Jack immediately went to Dragonsbayne's high council for aid, but was told that they hadn't heard anything and couldn't spare anyone to search for his family.

Knowing that his family's life hung in the balance, Jack continued to work as a warrior, training the troops and fighting battles, winning every single one, his heart hardening. He continued to receive parchment from the kidnappers, telling him how his family was faring and how they would continue to thrive as long as he continued to fight... And even that Eva had laid another egg, which meant that Jack now had three children.

Years went by, the parchments continued to come and Jack began to feel like he would never see his family again, so one night he snuck out of the city and began to travel the kingdom, searching for some kind of clue. He continued to ask Dragonsbayne for aid, and finally the High Council offered their services, telling him they would seek out his wife.

Half a year went by, and the High Council summoned Jack to their chambers, to deliver the most solemn of news. They had found Eva's body, eviscerated and lying by the riverside several miles outside of the city. Jack demanded to see her, and once he had, he felt as though the flame of hope in his heart had gone out. That night, he received another parchment, this time a warning.

"That was a warning... If you wish to see your children unharmed, you will continue to follow your orders, or we will begin to behead them one by one. Do not send for help, or the result will be the same."

For years, Jack continued to fight, the once proud dragon had become like an empty shell of a man, his heart darkened, his eyes soulless. Inside, a madness began to overtake him, and he worked hard to suppress it. He was filled with hatred against his own soldiers, his own men, his own kingdom, and eventually, the thought of his own children. Because of them, he thought, Eva had been slaughtered.

Another two hundred years passed, and new recruits were joining up into the military. The newest joined Jack's squadron; his name was Daveth. Just one look at the dragon made Jack realize who this was: It was one of his sons. He had Eva's eyes; gentle, calm. Jack received parchment that solidified his suspicions; this was indeed his son, and he was now to train him into becoming the next legendary warrior, and if he didn't, his other children would die.

But by this point, the madness that Jack had worked so hard to suppress was climbing back out of his heart. He did as he was ordered, personally taking the dragon under his wing, giving him the name 'Snake', the name he was once given by his former commander. Jack trained Snake night and day, teaching him techniques that he'd taught no other, but working so close to the boy and being unable to tell him of his true origins was very painful, and drove the madness even further. Finally, it overtook him... While cleaning his weaponry in the barracks, he overhead two dragons speaking... They were of the High Council, he knew that much. He could overhear them talking about "what letter to send next" and what should be done "about Jack's remaining sons".

His own kin had betrayed him, destroyed his livelihood. Instead of going on a rampage right then, Jack decided he would strike from within the military, exact chaotic vengeance on his own countrymen. After all, they betrayed him... Why not?

Jack made his intentions known, taking half of the powerful militia under his wing and turning them against the city. However, the High Council knew they had to defend themselves, and they sent in Snake to fight. Snake was hurt, devastated that his commander would betray the unit like that, betray his own people and become some kind of madman.

Finally, Snake met Jack in battle, and the two clashed swords, and talons, fighting both as men and as dragons. When Jack suffered a fatal blow, he lay upon the ground, threatening Snake that if he did not finish him, he would personally slaughter all the hatchlings of Dragonsbayne, and the neighboring cities, for "fun". Horrified at the deranged man his commander had become, Snake readied his fiery breath.

"Snake... I am your father. Kill me."

With a cry, Snake blasted his father with flames, the fires consuming him and reducing his body to ash.

Relieved that the horror was over, the High Council awarded Snake with the title of Legendary Warrior and thanked him for saving the kingdom from the traitorous dragon... But Snake did not feel like a hero, having just committed patricide despite only finding out the man was his father mere moments before killing him.

Snake tried to live his life with his lover, Mirim, but found that he was stricken with vivid nightmares, night after night... He realized that he could no longer live among the other dragons, he needed to get away, live in solitude somewhere. He fled the city, flying long and far until he landed in the Northern Mountains, making a home for himself in the frozen lands.

Four hundred years passed, and Snake still lived in isolation, the nightmares plaguing his mind. He was now in his 900th year, and still the memory of killing his own father was fresh in his mind. Snake had tried all he could to forget, even participating in sled-dog races with a nearby human colony that lived in the snowy wastes, but he felt disconnected from them... They were human, they only looked like his dragon kin, but he knew they were much more fragile, their lives started and finished in the blink of an eye.

Around this time, he was tracked down by one of his former commanders, who berated him for deserting the militia, but told him that if he wanted to live and receive pardon for deserting, he had to help with a delicate situation. Snake didn't really want to accept, but being beaten and dragged away from home certainly had a way of persuading you.

The situation was that a militia from another part of the kingdom was threatening to attack Dragonsbayne and they needed Snake to take out said militia's leader and disband its troops. They didn't want to get into another full war, as they were trying to focus on peace. Snake wondered what would be in this for him, and his commander reminded him of the full pardon.

Snake begrudgingly accepted, hoping that being able to take this mission would mean he'd be too distracted to think about his nightmares.

During this time, Snake met the leader of the armed force... a dragon who also shared the name "Snake". Confused and shocked, Snake demanded to know who he was and why he shared the same name, only to find out that this dragon was his brother.

This dragon, Serpent (as he'd started to call himself), held extreme hatred in his heart for both Snake and their father. He claimed that his father abandoned him, choosing Snake over himself in order to train Snake to become the perfect soldier, saying that Serpent was the weaker, undesired child. This fact had driven Serpent into his own madness, and he hoped to prove to their father that he was just as capable, if not more so, than Snake... but he never had that chance, as Snake had killed Jack four hundred years ago.

Snake never even knew he had any siblings, and for a most of his young life he didn't know he'd had a father either. Feeling as though the past was repeating itself again, Snake found himself battling with his twin brother, Serpent, ultimately coming out as the victor. His nightmares only intensified from then on, his hands now soaked in the blood of his father and brother. Once again, Snake retreated to the Northern Mountains, hiding away.

Hundreds of years passed again, and Snake began to feel effects of accelerated aging... Though he was only about 1500 years old, he began to hold the appearance of an elder dragon. Snake went to one of the smaller villages upon the Northern Mountains, wanting to speak with a Shaman there. He confessed about his true nature to the Shaman, who went by the name Raven, and practically begged the man to tell him what was happening to his body.

Raven examined Snake's body, both in human form and dragon, and after a day, he had the answer Snake was looking for. He explained that black magic had been used on Snake, and asked him if he had had any dealings with sorcerers or wizards. Snake denied it, telling him he'd never met any such people... Raven confessed to Snake that it was as he feared; he had been cursed when he was only a hatchling. The curse would severely butcher his lifespan... Dragons had an extraordinarily long lifespan, some reaching at most 12,000 years. But this curse would cut that in half, or at least severely reduce it... Snake asked Raven how long he had left, and Raven told him that he did not know, but if he had to guess, he'd say probably about 4000 more years... An eternity for a human, but only a short moment for a dragon. Snake could hardly believe what he was being told, and wondered if this was his punishment for committing patricide.

Raven urged Snake to live amongst humans, to see how even a short life can be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, but Snake refused. He explained that watching people that almost had the lifespan of insects did not appeal to him. Raven understood his bitterness and bid him farewell.

Snake began to drift around the world, at first trying to find some kind of cure for his curse, but finding none. He passed through many kingdoms, all the while hiding his true nature, for he knew dragons were not well received by many folk. One of the towns he passed through was a small farming village, and it appeared to be attacked by wyverns on several occasions. Disgusted by the actions of these scavengers, Snake decided he would protect the settlement from the beasts.

He waited out in the forest, in his dragon form. When he saw one of the wyverns, he immediately burst out of the forest, attacking the creature. It cursed in surprise when it saw a dragon so far away from the kingdom and called for aid. Snake soon found himself outnumbered, battling his way through twelve of the wyverns. In the end, he managed to win, killing about six of the beasts and scaring off the other, but he was severely wounded in the process. In dragon form, his left wing was ripped up, bleeding heavily, and human form, his left arm was shredded to hell, the left side of his torso torn up as well. He was losing a lot of blood, but he didn't really seem to care... Snake began to think that dying didn't really matter. Either he'd die from blood loss, or he'd die from the curse.

Lying on the grass, he stared up at the fading sunlight...

And when he awoke, he found himself being tended to by a young woman who was cleaning and bandaging his wounds. At first he was alarmed, uncertain as to what was happening, but she urged him to relax and that she wasn't going to hurt him. She explained that her younger brother saw him fight off the wyverns, and that the entire village was indebted to him. This settlement didn't mind that he was actually a dragon; he was a hero. Snake tried to tell her that he was no hero, that he was just a killer, but she wouldn't hear any of it.

Snake was unable to fly, due to the wounds his wing had suffered, so he had no choice but to remain in the village, watching these humans live their lives. At first, he thought of them like insects... Their lives were so short... But as he watched them, he began to realize that they were a strong people. Their time in this world was short, but they made the most of it, living day to day. Dragons lived for an eternity, compared to human lives, and they spent most of it in combat. Snake found that he had a lot to learn from humanity.

He and the woman, Holly, soon fell in love with each other. Snake became the guard of the village, dealing with merchants and scaring off thieves. He and Holly wanted to start a family, but Snake found out that the curse within his body denied him from being able to have children of his own. Another thing taken from him, he thought, but Holly reassured him that she still loved him, and that they would live together in this village for as long as they could.

Years passed, and Snake had witnessed many births, and stood present at many funerals. He had lived life day to day, and felt like peace was finally settling in his heart.

And then Holly passed away.

Snake had met her when she was only 16 years of age... It wasn't illness that took her, but her own natural lifespan. She had died at the ripe old age of 87, a surprising feat for most humans, but she always claimed she lived that long because of the love in her heart. Snake stayed at her bedside, his hand holding hers. She always remarked how he never aged, how she looked old enough to be his mother, but Snake continued to tell her how beautiful she was.

It all passed so quickly... Snake remembered his words to Raven years ago, about not wanting to live amongst insects, and he realized he was wrong. Humanity had so much to teach dragons about living... And though Holly was now dead, and the nightmares were slowly resurfacing, Snake felt as though his perception of the world had changed.

After Holly's funeral, Snake told her younger brother, Jack, to take care of the village in his stead. He was going home... it was time for him to reunite with his kin. His wing had healed in the seventy years that had passed, and it was the real first time he had flown, having lived as a human for all those years.

Snake returned to the Dragon Kingdom, but instead of going back to his old home, he went to live in Dragonsbayne. He was welcomed with open arms, particularly when the people there realized he was the Legendary Warrior's son. Snake was reminded of this fact daily by older dragons who passed on the stories, conveniently omitting said warrior's betrayal. Snake soon found that he felt uncomfortable around his own kin; not simply because of the talk of the Legendary Warrior, but because he felt a stronger bond with humans now. Humans knew how to appreciate life... Sure, they fought wars as well, and often died pointlessly, but the ones that lived in peace and lived out their lives... They were the ones Snake loved. They were the ones he had lived with.

Unable to live amongst dragons, Snake left Dragonsbayne and built a cabin for himself in a nearby forest, several miles outside the city. Bruhim, of the High Council, charged him with the task of training younger recruits, though Snake often shirked his duties, particularly if he found the recruit to be useless or too pathetic.

In present day, Snake carried the title of "Silver Snake", mirroring the way his body had aged... He looked like an old man, though he was only about 4,500 years old. He continued to live outside of Dragonsbayne, remembering his peaceful life in the small village... Knowing that his time would be over soon.

But maybe... that was for the best.